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"Kindness Never Goes Out of Style!"

Starting February 14th, the day of love -- Part of Comfy Trends LA's profits will be donated to different non-profit charities & research. More charities & organizations will be added in the future once I finish my research on them! As of now, below charities are where a part of your purchases will go: 1. Feeding America 2. Cancer Research Institute 3. House with a Heart - Senior Pet Sanctuary

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Let's Get Comfy, Trendy and LAUNCH!

Today is the launch of my little E-boutique! I started with this collage in Photoshop. Every day I would add a product and visualize if each piece goes well with my whole collection. There's really so much things in my head....and I've never wrote a blog before. But, I'd like to share that Comfy Trends LA is an outcome of this pandemic for me. I lost my fashion design job a few months ago. Sadly, the company I worked for 8 years filed for bankruptcy. Been applying to so many jobs and it has been a few months now, but so far -- NOTHING! I was even re-thinking of switching my careers to medical field, but seeing needles and blood is...

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